Travel to Tibet from Chengdu by overland route.

8 Days Essential Southern Overland Tour from Chengdu to Lhasa

Chengdu to Lhasa Highway is well-known as the most dangerous and the most difficult road in the construction history of China. Travelers can take the chance to enjoy the endless grassland, snow-capped mountains, beautiful valleys and local monasteries. The whole journey covers 2100 kilometers and takes around 8 days. The epic overland journey starts from Chengdu, Sichuan to Lhasa, Tibet, and you can experience the scenery from Chengdu plain to Tibet Plateau. The tour is 8 days in total. If you are interested in Mt. Everest, we can continue to travel along Great G318 to Mt. Everest and end the tour at the border of Nepal.


Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu (500 meters)

Our tour guide will greet you at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and escort you to hotels. In the rest time, you can go to Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street, Broad and Narrow Alley, Jin Li Ancient Street, etc. We will have a welcome dinner at night and the guide will tell you the tour itinerary in detail.

Day 02: Chengdu – Ya’an – Luding – Kangding – Xinduqiao Bridge (410km, around 10h)

Not long after breakfast, we will take our tour vehicle from Chengdu to Xinduqiao. We will travel west all the way and against the flow of Dadu River. In the upper reaches of Yangtze River, we will pass the Zheduo Mountain. After that, you can see the exotic Tibetan villages, lush pastures, and grazing yak which will attract your eyes. Finally, we will arrive at Xinduqiao Bridge, which is called a paradise for photography.

Day 03: Xinduqiao – Yajiang – Litang – Haizishan Mountain – Batang (400km)

After sleeping at Xinduqiao, we will head to Batang in the end via Yajiang, Litang and Haizishan Mountain, and travel 400 kilometers. Litang is a natural pasture. You can see grazing yaks, sheep and nomad’s tents from everywhere. Another attraction on the way today is Ke’er monastery, a Gelugpa Monastery. It is built along the mountain which you can see it in a long distance. In the evening, we will arrive at Batang County.

Day 04: Batang – Jinsha River (upper reaches of Yangtze River) – Markam – Lawu Mountain – Dongda Mountain – Zogong (260km)

Today we will enter the Tibet Autonomous Region, but are still very far away from Lhasa. You can enjoy the scenery of Lancang River. In the evening, we will arrive at the city of Zogong.

Stay overnight in Zogong.

Day 05: Zogong – Bangda Grassland – Yela mountain (Nu River Mountain) – Seventy-two Bends – Baxoi–Rakwa Tso (200km)

The stunning scenery of Hengduan Mountain Range will come into eyes after passing Bangda Grassland. Continue to west, we will enter the bottom of valley and experience huge temperature change. Finally, we will arrive at Pakwa Tso.

Day 06: Rakwa Tso – Midui Glacier – ParlungTsangpo – Bomi (250km)

We will start our journey from Rakwa Tso and go through Parlung Tsangpo. On the way, we can see the stunning scenery of Midui Glacier, an altitude of 6800 meters. Our final destination is Bomi.

Day 07: Bomi – Tongmai – Lulang Forest – Sejila Mountain (Mt. NamchaBarwa) – Nyingchi (230km)

We will make a short stop at Sejia Mountain Pass. You can take the chance to enjoy the seas of cloud, massive forests and beautiful flowers. Our destination today is Nyingchi.

Day 08: Nyingchi – Lhasa (420km)

Today we will drive to Lhasa. After going through Mila Pass, we will get to Lhasa valley. Our longtime expected Lhasa city will soon come into eyes after passing Dagze County. The Potala Palace will wait for you on the red hill, as the beginning of your Lhasa Tour.

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