The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the most recent equatorial mountains in the northern hemisphere.

10 Days Yunnan Shangri-La to Lhasa Tour


10 days Yunnan and Tibet tour includes two paradises in China, which are Tibet and Shangri-La. These two places are most likely the paradise depicted in “Lost Horizon”, by James Hilton. And, Tibet is a holy land of Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibet, you can experience the Tibetan Buddhist culture very well. Before starting your Tibet trip, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lijiang and Shangri-La. If you want to travel to Tibet from Yunnan, this tour is a good choice for you.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Lijiang

Lijiang is located at the junction of Yunnan-Guizhou plateau and Qinghai-Tibet plateau. It is an important passage of the “ancient southern silk road” and the “ancient tea-horse road”.

When you arrive in Lijiang, you can go to the booked hotel and have a good rest.

After lunch, you will visit the Lijiang Ancient Town, which is the best preserved and most Naxi style ancient town in China. Located in the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, at 2416 meters above sea level, the city covers an area of 3.8 square kilometers. In December 1997, it was included in the list of “world cultural heritage” by UNESCO world heritage committee.

You will spend the night in Lijiang.

Day 2: Lijiang Tour(Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Black Dragon Pool)
In the morning, you will go to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain about 15 kilometers north of Lijiang. The snow mountain area 960 square kilometers, the scenic area 263 square kilometers, it has the famous spring snow and the green snow glacier wonder.
Then, you will go to the Black Dragon Pool, which is built in the Qing Dynasty.

You will spend the night in Lijiang

Day 3: Lijiang to Shangri-La(First Bend of Yangtze River, Shigu Town, and Tiger Leaping Gorge)

In the morning, you will go to Shangri-La from Lijiang. On the way to Shangri-La, you will enjoy the stunning gorge scenery of the First Bend of the Yangtze River.

Then, you will go to the west of Lijiang ancient city and visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

In the afternoon, you will drive to Zhongdian, Shangri-La.

You will spend the night in Shangri-La.

Day 4: Shangri-La Tour(Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, Bite Lake, and Guishan Park)

In the morning, you will visit the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, which is the largest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan. Then, you will visit the beautiful Bita Lake and Shudu Lake. Finally, you will walk around Guishan Park.

You will spend the night in Shangri-La.

Day 5: Flights to Lhasa from Shangri-La

In the morning, you will take a flight from Diqing Shangri-La Airport to Lhasa Gonggar International Airport. Arriving in Lhasa, you’d better have a good rest in the hotel to avoid the acute altitude sickness.

Day 6: Lhasa Tour(Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street)

On this day, you will visit three famous attractions in Lhasa. Firstly, you will visit the Potala Palace, which is the highest palace in the world. Then, you will visit the Jokhang Temple, which was founded in the 7th century. Around the temple is the Barkhor Street where is the commercial center in Lhasa.

You will spend the night in Lhasa.

Day 7: Lhasa Tour(Drepung and Sera Monastery)

On this day, you will visit Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery. The Drepung Monastery was founded in 1416. You’d better visit the Sera Monastery about 3 pm. Because the Sera Monastery has a monk debate at around 3 – 5 in the afternoon.

You will spend the night in Lhasa

Day 8: Lhasa to Shigatse

On this day, you will go to Shigatse from Lhasa. On the way to Shigatse, you will enjoy the stunning scenery of Holy Mount Nyenchen Khangsa, Pelkor Monastery, and Gyantse Kumbum.

You will spend the night in Shigatse.

Day 9: Shigatse to Lhasa

Today, you will return to Lhasa from Shigatse via China-Nepal Friendship Highway.

Day 10: Depart from Lhasa

You will end your tour and leave Lhasa.

This is a beautiful spring in Shangri-La.

Yunnan Tibet Tour

Yunnan is on the frontier of southwest China. It is one of the important cradles of human civilization. Yuanmou men, who lived 1.7 million years ago, were the earliest human beings found in China and Asia. During the warring states period of China, Yunnan was the place where the Dian tribes lived.

Yunnan is extremely rich in mineral resources, especially nonferrous metals and phosphate minerals, known as the kingdom of nonferrous metals, is an advantaged mineral resources treasure.

Yunnan’s climate basically belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon type, with small annual temperature difference, large daily temperature difference, distinct dry and wet seasons, and distinct vertical variation of temperature with the terrain. The average temperature of the entire province: the hottest month(July) temperature is between 19 to 22 degrees, the coldest month(January) is above 6 to 8 degrees. The annual range of temperature is usually only 10 to 12 degrees. On the same day, it is cold in the morning and evening, especially in winter and spring, the daily range of temperature can be up to 12 to 20 degrees. In the term of weather, Yunnan weather is more suitable for life than Tibetan weather.

Yunnan is famous for its unique plateau scenery, tropical and subtropical frontier scenery, and colorful ethnic customs. There are more than 25 ethnic nations in Yunnan. Compared with the ethnic culture of Tibet, Yunnan’s ethnic culture is more diversified. Yunnan is rich in tourism resources. It will be wonderful to have a Yunnan tour before your Tibet trip.

Shangri-La, formerly known as Zhongdian county, was renamed Shangri-La because of its similarity to the paradise described in “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton. Other say James Hilton depiction of heaven on earth is sacred Tibet. Because, there are the devout Tibetan Buddhist culture, pure snow scenery, sacred mountains, and holy lakes in Tibet. No matter where the paradise described by James Hilton is on the earth, your Yunnan to Tibet tour will help you find the Shangri-La in your heart.

In Yunnan, you must go to Shangri-La. It is a rare land in the world that perfectly preserves the natural ecology and traditional national culture. As described in “Lost Horizon”, it is a peaceful, eternal, and tranquil place. There are grasslands surrounded by snow-capped mountains, bright sunshine, fresh air, unfathomable living Buddha, sacred and quiet lakes, magnificent temples, and Kangba Tibetan people. Of course, Yunnan also has other scenery that needs to explore by yourself. You have to believe that your trip to Yunnan will not let you down.

In Tibet, you can see a flow of pilgrims. You can feel the devout atmosphere of the pure Tibetan Buddhist. If you are a hiker, you can trek in the sacred mountains and holy lakes in Tibet. The unique natural scenery of Tibet is sure to fascinate you.

Nowadays, you can go from Yunnan to Tibet by train or by Plane. You can fly from Kunming to Lhasa, it takes about 4 hours. And there are many flights every day, which is very convenient. You can also fly from Shangri-La to Lhasa. If you want to take a train to Tibet, you can take a plane from Kunming or Lijiang to Xining, and then take a train from Xining to Lhasa. Although it takes longer to travel by train than by plane, you can enjoy the scenery along the world’s highest railway. And take the train to Tibet, you can slowly adapt to the high altitude and reduce the possibility of acute altitude sickness.

The Great Wall is a collection of ancient Chinese wisdom.

Beijing Tibet Tour

The transportation from Beijing to Tibet is more convenient. You can travel to Tibet by train or by plane. Beijing is the capital of China and a hub for international entry. Most visitors will choose Beijing as the destination city for international flights. Beijing is also one of the centers of China’s railway network. There many flights and trains from Beijing to Tibet every day. You hardly have to worry about not having the plane or train tickets. Beijing is the most popular destination for tourists in China and the number one destination for many tourists. Your tours in Beijing will make your tour to Tibet more perfect.

Beijing has the most world heritage sites in the world and is the first capital city with a world geopark. There are more than 200 tourist attractions open to the public in Beijing, including the Forbidden City of world’s largest imperial palace, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Great Wall and so on. Beijing is also one of the four ancient capitals of China, with many local folk customs. Before you travel to Tibet, you can stay here for 3 or 4 days to visit the scenic spots in Beijing, enjoy the Beijing culture and taste the delicious food in Beijing. You can take a day to visit the Forbidden City in downtown Beijing, where you can also see the Temple of Heaven. The next day you can climb the Great Wall and experience the spectacular ancient wisdom. In the evening you can go to see the Peking Opera and Kungfu Show. You can go to the Summer Palace on the third day. The Summer Palace was a royal garden in the Qing dynasty. It’s also a quite nice place to go for a walk. If you want to stay here longer, you can go to the most colorful Hutong in Beijing. Hutong is the blood of Beijing. Hutong culture is also a plot of the old Beijing people. For visitors to Beijing, the old Beijing Hutong hid Beijing culture.

For your tour in Tibet, Lhasa and Everest are two must-see destinations. Lhasa, the capital of Tibet autonomous region of China, is an international tourist city with plateau and ethnic characteristics. Lhasa is the transshipment center of Tibet and usually enters Tibet from here. There are many attractions to visit when you travel to Tibet in Lhasa, such as the Potala Palace, the highest elevation palace in the world, and Namtso Lake, the largest lake in Tibet. Mount Everest is the roof of the world, and conquering it is a lifelong dream of many people. You can stay in Lhasa for 2 or 3 days to visit the attractions in Lhasa and experience the Tibetan Buddhist culture. Then you can walk around the cities near Lhasa, such as Shigatse, Nyingchi, Nagqu. Finally, you can go to the highest mountain, Mount Everest. Here you can plane a tour to Everest Base Camp. With the tour to Mount Everest over, your Beijing Tibet tour is over.