It is the longest and most diverse overland tour from Sichuan to Tibet.

13 Days Northern Overland Tour from Chengdu to Lhasa

We offer the longest and most diverse overland tour from Sichuan to Tibet. It’s an adventure tour for tourists to experience the scenery from Chengdu plain to Tibet Plateau. Even it may take much longer time comparing with Tibet train and plane, travelers can take the chance to get close to local Tibetan people and experience their lifestyle along the route.


Day 01: Arrival at Chengdu

Our tour guide will greet you at the Shuangliu International Airport and escort you to hotels. The best time of the day is free and you can have a rest in the hotel or travel nearby.

Day 02: Chengdu / Luding / Kangding (327 km, 6hrs)

Our destination is Kangding, 327 kilometers away from Chengdu. We will go through Mt. Er’lang Tunnel and drive along Da-Chu River, and finally arrive at Kangding city. You can enjoy the scenery of mountains and Buddha carvings at the hillsides.

Stay overnight in Kangding.

Day 03: Kangding / Tagong / Bamei (280 km, 7-8hrs)

Today we will reach Bamei. On the trip we will pass through Xinduqiao, a famous place known as the heaven for photographers from which you can see typical Tibetan Mountains, small streams, herds of yaks on the grasslands and snow-capped mountains.

Day 04: Bamei / Gathar Monastery / Luhuo (212 km, 8hrs)

Our first destination is Gathar Monastery which is a Gelug pa monastery and once housed 300 monks. Then keep driving to Daofu which is famous for its local residences, white-painted wall, crimson column and exquisite carved windows. And drive about 72 km, we will arrive at Luhuo.

Stay overnight at Kasa Hotel.

Day 05: Luhuo / Ganzi (95Km, 2-3hrs)

Ganzi is an important city on the northern Sichuan-Tibet road. In the afternoon, we will organize to pay a visit to Ganzi Monastery and some small monasteries around it.

Stay overnight at Ganzi Golden Yak Hotel

Day 06: Ganzi / Manigango / Yilhun Lhatso / Dege(220 km, 6hrs)

The attractions during the trip today are Yilhun La-tso, the huge glaciers of 6018 m Chola Range, Derge Parkhang and Monastery.

Stay overnight at Derge Chola Hotel.

Day 07: Derge / Chamdo( 336km, 8hrs)

Today we will officially enter Tibet Autonomous Region after crossing the Jinsha River. Then we will stay overnight at Chamdo.

Day 08: Chamdo / Jampaling Monastery / Riwoche (105km, 5-6hours)

After breakfast, we will do pilgrimage around Jampaling Monastery which is located on the top of hill and then drive to Riwoche.

Stay overnight at Riwoche.

Day 09: Riwoche / Riwoche Monastery / Tengchen (150KM, 6-7hours)

Our destination is Tengchen which is a primitive religion, based on ancient witchcraft and worship to god and ghost, and was spread through the whole Tibet before the Buddhism was introduced into Tibetan area.

Stay overnight at local best hotel.

Day 10: Tengchen / Bachen /Sok (264km, 7-8hours)

Attractions: Tsuri La Pass (4200m) and Shel La Pass (4750m)

Stay overnight at Sok.

Day 11: Sok / Nakchu (235km, 6-7hours)

The whole tour today is 235 km, and we will pass Sok Tsanden Zhol village and pass the city of Shakchuka and finally reach Nakqu.

Stay overnight at Qingtang Telecom Hotel

Day 12: Nakchu / Namtso Lake (230km, 5-6hours)

Today we will visit Namtso Lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the nomads and herds of yak.

Stay overnight at Namtso tent guest house.

Day 13: Namtso / Yangpachen hot-spring / Lhasa (255Km, 3-4hours)

There are frequently flights flying from Chengdu to Lhasa.

Flights to Tibet from Chengdu

Why take flight to Lhasa from Chengdu

Chengdu is a city full of charm and attracts people from all over the world. Tasty Sichuan food, relaxing lifestyle and giant pandas all allure people. Besides, Chengdu offers flights in the largest number to Lhasa about 12-17 flights per day operated by Tibet Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Air China, and China Eastern Airlines. You can have a flexible choice of flight and find a best deal on your own.

In addition, there are 14 direct flights to Lhasa every day, each of which takes 2 hours and 20 minutes. The duration is much shorter than flights from Beijing to Lhasa (4 hours and 30 minutes), from Xi’an to Tibet (3 hours and 20 minutes), from Shanghai to Lhasa (7 hours) and from Guangzhou to Tibet (6 hours).

What’s more, Chengdu is also an international hub for international travelers. You can fly to Chengdu directly from your home country, such as Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Frankfurt, and some Asia cities.

Chengdu is in good connection with other cities in China. Travelers can easily book a domestic flight from Chengdu to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xining, Xian, Chongqing etc. Travelers can easily make a transfer to Tibet in Chengdu without buying direct flight tickets from their entry cities in China.

With so many advantages, board a plane from Chengdu is a smart choice.

Flights from Chengdu to Lhasa

Dept. Arri. Flight No. Airlines Dept. Arri. Type Schedule
7:20 9:25 SC4405 Shandong Airlines Chengdu Lhasa 319 Thursday
7:20 9:25 CA4405 Air China Chengdu Lhasa 319 Thursday
7:40 9:45 CA407 Air China Chengdu Lhasa 319 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
7:50 9:50 CA4401 Air China Chengdu Lhasa JET Every Day
8:00 9:50 3U8657 Sichuan Airlines Chengdu Lhasa 319 Every Day
8:10 10:10 CA4403 Air China Chengdu Lhasa 319 Every Day
8:20 10:10 3U8901 Sichuan Airlines Chengdu Lhasa 319 Every Day
13:00 15:00 SC4112 Shandong Airlines Chengdu Lhasa 330 Every Day
13:00 15:00 CA4112 Air China Chengdu Lhasa 330 Every Day
14:05 16:00 3U8697 Sichuan Airlines Chengdu Lhasa 319 Every Day

Flights from Lhasa to Chengdu

Dept. Arri. Flight No. Airlines Dept. Arri. Type Schedule
10:45 12:40 3U8658 Sichuan Airlines Lhasa Chengdu 319 Every Day
11:00 12:50 CA4402 Air China Lhasa Chengdu JET Every Day
11:30 13:25 3U8902 Sichuan Airlines Lhasa Chengdu 319 Every Day
11:35 13:25 SC4406 Shandong Airlines Lhasa Chengdu 319 Sunday
11:35 13:25 CA4406 Air China Lhasa Chengdu 319 Sunday
15:00 16:50 CA408 Air China Lhasa Chengdu 319 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
16:00 17:50 SC4111 Shandong Airlines Lhasa Chengdu JET Every Day
16:00 17:50 CA4111 Air China Lhasa Chengdu JET Every Day
16:50 18:45 3U8698 Sichuan Airlines Lhasa Chengdu 319 Every Day
17:30 19:20 CA4404 Air China Lhasa Chengdu 319 Every Day

You need to prepare the required Tibet Travel Permit when you board a plane to Tibet. If you plan to travel to Tibet and haven’t got this permit, you can contact us and we will help you to apply for it as well as the flight ticket. We usually book e-ticket and will give you the detailed information. You can get the flight ticket with your passport from the airport.

One of the best ways to get a discounted flight ticket from Chengdu to Lhasa is booking the ticket from November to March. It is the low travel season in Tibet and airlines will give some discounts during this period. There is big difference for ticket price between the peak and low tourism season.