Shanghai is one of the main gateway cities to travel to Tibet.

Shanghai Tibet Tour

Shanghai is an international metropolis blending the East and West, and the economic center of China. There are numbers of skyscrapers, cathedrals and shopping malls. Besides, there are also some traditional laneways and old streets. Besides, the transportation in Shanghai is convenient for international flights to/from major cities in the world.

As no direct flights from other countries to Tibet directly, except for Nepal, foreign travelers need to fly to mainland China and then transfer to Tibet. For many first-time tourists to Tibet, they prefer to make a stop in Shanghai and then board a Tibet train or domestic flight to Tibet. In Tibet, they will enjoy the stunning view of Tibet plateau and the holy Tibetan Buddhism.

As a professional travel agency, we will offer hand-picked Shanghai and Tibet tour packages, the application of Tibet Travel Permit and many travel tips. Besides, we can offer Tibet train and flight booking service. At present, the major ways to get to Tibet is boarding a Tibet train or taking a domestic flight.

How to Travel to Tibet from Shanghai

Shanghai to Lhasa by Train

Train from Shanghai to Lhasa is one of the earliest three railways which collect Tibet with major big cities in China. The train journey goes across eight provinces from eastern coastal city to the Roof of the world. And since the train journey itself is an interesting tour to go across China, many tourists prefer to board a train to Lhasa.

The distance from Shanghai to Lhasa is about 4373 kilometers and the duration is about 47.5 hours. The highlights come out gradually when you pass Golmud. You can see the vast grassland, holy lakes, snow-capped mountains and yaks. Besides, each cabin is equipped with oxygen equipment and boiled water. Each foreign tourist needs to prepare a copy of Tibet Travel Permit to get on a Tibet train.

Shanghai-Lhasa Train Timetable and Schedule

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Distance Frequency Ticket Price
Z164 (Shanghai-Lhasa) 20:10 19:30 47 hours and 20 minutes 4373 kilometers daily 793.5RMB Hard sleeper/1262.5 RMB Soft sleeper
Z166 (Lhasa-Shanghai) 11:30 11:51 48 hours and 21 minutes 4373 kilometers daily 793.5RMB Hard sleeper/1262.5 RMB Soft sleeper

Shanghai to Lhasa by Flight

At present, Air China, China Eastern Airline, Tibet Airline and Shenzhen Airline offer flights from Shanghai to Lhasa with a stopover in Chengdu or Xi’an. The duration is about 7 hours. Considering the huge change of altitude from eastern coastal city to the Roof of the world in short hours, travelers are recommended to have a good rest in your hotel in Lhasa to adapt the change of altitude.

Shanghai to Lhasa Flight Schedule

Flight Number Departure Stopover Arrival Duration Frequency
TV 9883

Tibet Airlines

16:45 Chengdu 23:30 6 hours 45 minutes Daily

Shandong Airlines

16:45 Chengdu 23:30 6hours 45minutes Daily

Shenzhen Airlines

16:45 Chengdu 23:30 6 hours 45 minutes Daily

China Eastern Airlines

06:45 Xi’an 14:40 7 hours 55 minutes Daily

Air China

16:45 Chengdu 23:30 6 hours 45 minutes Daily

Note: Since the flights are greatly affected by the change of climate, the timetable and schedule are just for reference. When you want to book a flight ticket, please check the detailed information from the website or contact your travel operator.

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